Sunday, February 7, 2010

The MC - My Lemonade Ingredients Photo

Before I drink my salt water, I prepare my lemonade in advance and this is what I need: one juicer (a big thank you Marija & Milan!! you bought this for Robert, and I'm putting it to good use.), one lemon for 2 tbsps of juice, (1 small lemon makes 4 tbsps), 1 tbsp of #2 amber maple syrup (should be 2 tbsps but I don't have a sweet tooth, & want to lose weight so I don't need it), add 1/10 tsp of cayenne (hot hot yeow hot!), add 1 cup of spring water, stir, & voilà! I put aside the 2nd glass with lemon juice & maple syrup, and only add the cayenne & water when I'm ready to drink it as directed in the book. The maple syrup keeps the lemon fresh & tasty, but the cayenne would kill it. You are supposed to drink it within 10 minutes of making it. After I finish my salt water, and start eliminating it, I drink up the lemonade. Yum! (I don't breath through my nose, and drink it in one shot - gulp gulp gulp gulp - I find the cayenne just too strong & hot, so even after I'm finished drinking it, I continue to breathe through my mouth only. Even just breathing out through my nose kicks in my taste buds and the cayenne's too strong for me.
Looks like I'll have to buy more maple syrup! Daragh, I love this plate you gave us. :o)

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