Saturday, February 6, 2010

The MC - Day 2

Woke up at 7am, I feel great! I'm still snoring apparently, BUT, I didn't get nudged, poked, turned on my side at all during the night, and when I woke up, Robert was still beside me!!! :oD After only 24 hours, it (my snorrrrrrring) has already improved. Used the w/c, not too much to report if you know what I mean. Set up Maxine with breakfast, and then returned to the kitchen to drink my internal salt bath. CLEAR THE PATHWAY TO THE W/C!! Still no hunger pains, even after serving Maxine her breakfast. Wow, very odd, non? Before drinking the salt water, I prepared the lemonade in advance without the cayenne & water (as per instructions to keep the lemon juice fresh) - you have to drink the lemonade AFTER you start 'eliminating' the salt water (I like that word, 'eliminating', it keeps it clean sounding eh?). Drank the salt water within 15 minutes. Then get this: I popped a dvd in for Maxine, grabbed the Saturday paper, my journal, another book, I set up a tv dinner table in the w/c and got comfortable. Yes, I was there for an hour, and didn't want to be running up and down the stairs like yesterday. Then had some lemonade, yada yada yada, went shopping for a bday gift, then dropped Maxine off at her party. Came back home and had lunch, WHA!?!?! Just checking to see if you're paying attention. Came home and made myself a fresh glass of yummy lemonade. Thinking of setting up a stand tomorrow, hmmm, make some cash on the side! Now I'm thinking! The Secret is rubbing off on me, ha! After picking up Maxine, I sent her off with Robert to Brampton to visit his family for dinner & a sleepover. As I told my neighbour Sharyn, I'm doing THEM a favour,... I was getting cranky by that time. I waited too long for my lemonade 'fix'.

I went for an hour walk, and it completely took my mind off of the MC. It invigorated me, made me feel so alive! I felt light on my feet. (Even passing by the kabillions of restaurants on the Danforth Ave Greek Village, yikes!)

I called my beautiful friend Nina on Skype and caught up on months' worth of news. Then my family including Baka & Dida called me on Skype, I was able to say goodnight to Robert & Maxine while I saw them, gotta love that!

Couple of observations:
  • I'm not having as many b.m.'s as I'd imagined! Maybe because of the Bio-K I've taken in the past month? Or am I so toxic that my body hasn't been able to start detoxing yet?
  • I have no specific food cravings like some people seem to experience. I just have these little blips of craving the act of eating, just out of habit. It's quite disconcerting to have these little moments where I have these comforting thoughts of food and then WHAM, my brain is like, uhm ♪ I DON'T ♪♪ THINK ♪ SO ♪ HONEY ♪♪ !!!
Great tip from my wonderful sister Suzanne: stop multi-tasking and spread the tasks around to make the time go by faster! She's so SMART! Hello?!?! Turn OFF your Project Management head and start s-l-o-w-i-n-g d--o--w--n. Got it, merci!!

For my 7th lemonade drink, I didn't put cayenne in - I'll have to research that to see whether that matters. I figured since I'd had my obligatory 6 drinks, that the 7th didn't have to have the cayenne? I dunno.

Before going to bed, I was not feeling that great, so I had another (my 8th) lemonade, and as I drank it, I realized, it was time for my tea. Woops! No biggie. Wish me luck for tomorrow, the first 2 days were too easy, and I fear a tough day ahead. But on "The Secret's" theme: I feel great, and I know that I will feel fantastic tomorrow! G'night all. x
Forgot to do my ab work - so must do that in the a.m. AND p.m. on Day 3.

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