Monday, February 8, 2010

The MC - Day 3

I woke up this morning at 6:30am. What a cruel world - my family's away and I can't even sleep in?

Prepared the salt water, prepared the lemonade, (took some pix) then sat at the breakfast table and read the paper in the 'sun' as I drank my salt water aka soup. (Someone compared it to a salty martini in one of the journal's I read, yuuummmm, Dirty Gin Martini, with lots of olives, come to mama, 2 weeks.) Uhm, where was I? Oh, right, the soup. Took me a little longer to drink today, about 20 minutes, and ran upstairs to the w/c with all my 'stuff' (half-prepared lemonade, 1/10 tsp of cayenne, cup of spring water, newspaper, you know the drill if you read my Day 2 post.). An hour later, I was feeling pretty damn good. I waited longer to drink my 1st lemonade of the day since I wasn't hungry. Probably drank it around 10am I think.
I went into the fridge to grab some more lemons (you should take them out of the fridge 2 days before you use them, they are better for your health at room temperature), I'm bending over to reach for the lemons as my eyes zoom into a container full of pasta with my most deeee-licious tomato, basil, almond sauce. Oooooh Aaaaaah Yowza Hello!?! I never closed that fridge door so fast in my life. Funniest thing? My mouth.did.not.water. Wha?!?! In-freaking-credible.
So next, I'm wondering where Robert has hidden my other 10L jug of water since I finished the first already, and I can't find the 2nd. I mean, you saw the size in the photo, it's kinda hard to miss you know? Mistake #2 of the day: opened a cupboard door, where (get this) there are about 5 bags of (gulp) CHIPS!!! My biggest weakness in the world. Or in The Secret's lingo, shall I change that to my most favourite food in the world that keeps me thin. Wham! Cupboard door closed, no salivating (again, wha?!?!), phew. Close one, but I am on a mission. Decided to quit opening cupboards & fridge, and called Robert for help. Thank you!
Ok, so some people have said they feel very clear headed at some points in the cleanse. This morning, after attempting to add salt to the water that I had already put salt in, I'm realizing today, that I wasn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen if you know what I mean. When I took out the salt again from the cupboard, and removed the tape that I had just put on the salt box, I was thinking, wow, I put the tape on there yesterday, but it feels like I just did that moments ago, and I still proceeded to (almost) add salt to the water. Then I looked at the bottom of the pitcher, and yep, I already had some in there and I HAD just put the tape on the box. Hmm. Ok, this leads me to the part where they say that when your body starts to eliminate some of the stuff in your body, such as alcohol, medicine or drugs you may have done in the past, you may feel a high or stoned feeling. And when I was on the phone with my sister Monique today, I was definitely also feeling tipsy. That was fun. What a cheap party! Lemons & maple syrup, woohoo!
Speaking of parties, it was Super Bowl today. Do you understand how many times the word nachos is repeated on TV and the radio on Super Bowl Sunday? Even the LCBO ad on the radio mentioned freaking nachos!!! Note to self: do NOT do a cleanse during Super Bowl weekend. It's very sad. I couldn't even watch it, did you SEE the commercials? Ugh. (Sad for me, not for you).
With all this said, I had a fantastic day. I went for a 1 1/2 hour walk, did some ab work in the morning, talked to my parents on Skype, Allô! Did lots of organizing & tidying around the house; I felt great throughout, (truly!) Ok, with the exception of scaring myself badly when I was washing the blackberries & raspberries for Maxine and almost popped one in my mouth just out of habit!!
I cannot believe I'm almost at Day 4 already! Almost halfway there. I'm SO excited. Now off to finish drinking my tea, doing some more ab work, and off to bed. G'night!


  1. Superbowl? Football? You? Since when?


  2. Well I don't typically WATCH the game, but I do watch for all the celebrities & new commercials. But for the week before the Superbowl, that's all you hear about is the food people are going to eat during the game. And BTW, you are the one back in 1980 who taught me about the game of football! It was Christmas time, one of the Bowls, San Fransisco 49'ers were playing, Joe Montana who I thought was hot was the quarterback. And you took the time to explain all the plays and all about the game in our basement by maman's sewing maching desk, remember? Merci!