Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The MC - Day 4

Woke up at 7am, (no snoring! Robert is sooo impressed.) I didn't have a b.m. in the morning, maybe I should let the laxative tea steep longer & drink more of it.

Brought Maxine to school, and then did the old salt water flush let's call it. An hour later, feeling pretty good!

I started my own green bin bag aside from our regular one. Don't like seeing food when I'm throwing out my lemon peels, you know?? I've never looked at green bin waste wanting to eat the food in there, that.is.too.gross. But, you know, that food is starting to look good to me. Ha! And speaking of lemons, no matter how succulent and delicious those lemons look like after not eating for 3 days, I advise you not to lick them. Not so good!! At all. The lemon juice tastes awesome in the lemonade concoction, but on its own, shiver.

I was quite hyper in the morning, (I can hear everyone saying, "and how is that any different??) ok, so more hyper than usual, or as my friend Kayla called me sounding "manic". Had 2 lemonade drinks in the morning, and I started feeling quite sluggish and low on energy. So I decided to follow the book's instructions and rest, I slept for about an hour and a half. Didn't go for a walk, was feeling too tired. I started feeling a little better when I drank a lemonade, then another a couple of hours later in the afternoon, but then found myself at 7pm with having drank only 4 so far! I made myself drink the other 2 (spaced out some time), since I figured it may make me feel sluggish on the following day if I didn't. Wise choice in following instructions of minimum 6 lemonades per day. Drank my tea after letting it steep longer, and drank the whole thing. Feeling very positive going to bed.

I must echo the many people's suggestions to follow the Master Cleanse's instructions closely. Every day, I've been meticulous about following the rules / instructions and I had amazing days. On Day 4, I wasn't drinking enough lemonade, and I had an off day. I was also having cravings for food which really irritated me. But I believe if I had drank more lemonade earlier on in the day as I had on my first 3 days, I would've had an easier time. I was distracted by some very exciting phone calls that I will talk about in my Day 5.

On Day 4 is when my sense of smell really kicked in. Note to self: do not let Robert eat garlic while doing a cleanse. Oh.My.God. Our whole house was one big garlic, or whatever room he was in. And it did NOT smell good to me. In the past couple of days, I noticed how incredibly clear my sinuses are, to the point where when I breathe through my nose, I feel like I'm breathing through my entire face. No joke. (I had noticed a lot of mucous draining...) I feel like my head is lighter, clearer, empty, you name it. It's an incredible feeling. Most likely, my stuffed up head was causing the snoring, as well as the extra weight I was carrying. My nose wasn't stuffed up, I could always breathe through it, but it was the rest of my head that was full of stuff! Who knew?? Not I.

Did some research, and you should not change the ingredients of the lemonade, so I should not have had that 7th lemonade sans cayenne on Day 2. I'm finally getting used to the cayenne and liking it. I like just about anything that I'm allowed to put in my mouth - you would too! I thought I would get sick of the lemonade, the salt water, and the teas, but every time those hit my tongue, it's a treat! I know, it's weird. As my friend Christy said "Girlfriend, you're freakin' me out! /:P" Don't I know it. See you on Day 5!

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  1. Last night was my first full night's sleep with no interruptions of snoring! I'm also starting to notice that you've lost a lot in your mid-section. Good work Sexy! Robert