Thursday, February 11, 2010

The MC - Day 7

Wow, Day 7. It seems like Day 1 was about a month ago. Woke up at 7am, so too late to do the salt water before bringing Maxine to school. Woke up groggy, 8 hours sleep, very nice. I did a few stretches, no b.m. Once I get up, I realize something, how much lighter I feel! My body is definitely different overnight. I look in the mirror, and seriously, what a difference around my middle section. And when putting my face cream on , even my face feels skinny. THAT was weird. When I look in the mirror tonight, it doesn't look different I don't think?

I called Sandi today - she introduced me to this cleanse. I had talked to her when she was on her Day 7, so I wanted to call to give her an update AND set up a date for a lunch next week! Let's eat!! I remember her mentioning to drink a lot of water, and thankfully, she reminded me of that again because I haven't been drinking as much as I should I don't think. (straight water that is - - I've gone through 30 litres of spring water!) If you don't drink enough water during the cleanse, and once you first get off the cleanse, you will retain water and have swelling problems. It was great catching up with Sandi!

Regular routine in the morning, salt water, ........lemonade. I drank 8 glasses of lemonade again today. I'm feeling like I really need to drink more to keep my energy up and the hunger pangs away, especially with the morning workouts. (Yay! Keeping up my workouts which is great) I also went for a one-hour walk today, picked up more (gasp!) lemons. When people saw me with the dozen or so lemons in my basket, they knew what I was up to - it certainly is a conversation starter! Are you also using the maple syrup & cayenne? What day are you on? Do you know how to end the cleanse? etc.

Sometimes, I feel like I've had a glass of wine after I drink the lemonade. I feel a little whoozy - even yesterday, right before leaving to pick up Maxine with the car, I had just drank a lemonade and I stopped briefly to say - wait, you've been drinking you can't drive! I guess it's the warmth of the cayenne that goes down and warms my insides like a glass of wine? I definitely feel loopy as well at times. (Gee, I wonder why...I haven't eaten in 7 days, D-UH!) This is thee most surreal experience I've ever had. And the longest-lasting surreal experience.

Best time of the day: mornings! (and I am NOT a morning person)
Worst time of the day: dinnertime & evenings. Alternatively, right after Robert cooks a mouth-watering delicious smelling grilled cheese with hours upon hours of lingering smell "enjoyment". Crap! Robert promised to eat out for lunch tomorrow. Yes please and thank you so much!

Day 8 tomorrow, I feel great, I'm looking great, bring it on!


  1. You GO, girl! I am so proud of you! Making it to day 7 is un-freaking-believable!


  2. Wow Syl that is incredible! I missed your email when you sent it so I
    just got around to reading your blog now.
    I don't know how you are sticking to it -I never would have the
    I didn't see any other entries since Thursday though. Hope all is ok?

  3. Thank you so much Mariela & Deborah, these comments mean the WORLD to me.
    Deb, I just posted Day 8 - I was so busy yesterday cleaning out my house and then Suzanne is at the Olympics, so we watched the Ceremony. She was right by the athletes' entrance! I'm now on Day 9. Feeling freaking fantastic!! :oD