Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The MC - Day 5

WHAT A FEELING! I'm on Day 5, I am so proud. Woke up at 7:00am and had a b.m., so I will do the same tonight with the tea (longer steep & drink more of it). I looked in the mirror and my body looks completely different today! (More so on my torso...) Robert could not believe it either. I'm so glad I took some before shots, it is unbelievable. I can see my ribs! And the 'back fat' is reduced substantially. My waist is shrinking, and my protruding stomach doesn't protrude so much. But above all, I feel fantastic and I'm no longer snoring. I know I say this every day, but I am so relieved of this change. I'd even gone to a sleep clinic in November because my snoring was so bad! (I don't have sleep apnea, just a case of the mucous & fat!)

After dropping Maxine off at school, I did the salt water, eliminated, drank a lemonade. I discovered that if you brush your teeth before the salt water, you don't taste the salt as much. So no brushing before lemonade, brush before salt water.

Received a cheerful call from my wonderful s-i-l Jasmine with a "Congratulations you're halfway there!!". Too sweet.

You know, I must say that I really love lemons. These lemons I'm buying from The Big Carrot are so plump and juicy, and I looove the smell. I learned my lesson yesterday though, and restrained myself from licking it. As for cayenne, the smell is still getting to me, I think because my throat was sore in the first couple of days (probably from toxins though), but I don't mind it anymore in the lemonade.

Well I'm certainly sick of doing dishes, since I need the juicer, measuring spoons, etc. I'm hand washing more than I have in, well, ever!

I'm glad the tug-of-war in my head is receding. It's a bit of relief. By tug-of-war, I'm talking about my brain telling my body to reach for food, to walk toward the kitchen, to tell myself I'm hungry and want a snack when I'm not even hungry! Unbelievable how loud that voice is in my head. I have to speak out loud to say, uhm, NO, I'm not even hungry why would I go there?? And it's making me realize how much I reach for food when I'm not hungry. It's exasperating! Where did this habit come from? In this book I read, "The Master Cleanse Experience" Tom Woloshyn asks the question: Do you live to eat? Or eat to live? GOOD QUESTION. I am getting rid of that habit of reaching for food when I'm not even hungry.

Overall, today was a great day. I felt really good, clear-headed, I did a 45-minute strength & ab workout with weights this morning, I had my 6 drinks of lemonade throughout the day, and I am now having my tea before bed. It doesn't hurt that I received and accepted a job offer at Indigo Books & Music Inc.! :o) Those were the distracting phone calls I was dealing with yesterday. Well worth it. (it's 10:00pm, not 6pm - don't know how to fix the time)


  1. You slept on your back last night and you seemed to be breathing much better than before! Unbelievable!! Hooray!!! Robert

  2. Yes, it's a relief to me that I'm able to sleep on my back! I haven't in how long now...a year?? My left side is having a niiiiice break. Aaaah.