Saturday, February 13, 2010

The MC - FINAL DAY 10!!! I MADE IT!!

(still haven't figured out how to fix the date & time, it is Sunday, February 14, 2010)

I feel like a Gold-winning Olympian this morning! I made it, I MADE IT!! Who would've guessed that I could make it through. Well, Sandi did. Thank you Sandi for sharing your experience, and motivating me to succeed as well!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day everyone ♥

I'm thinking of doing the salt water tomorrow morning before breakfast. I saw someone mention that they did this on their first day off. Something to research & think about today. I don't think there's much to it since a lot of people do this cleanse for way longer than the 10 days. I read the longest was something like 374 days. Obviously they belong in a mental hospital. REALLY.

I've picked up some healthy food magazines, Nadia will be doing a consultation with me to do a Kitchen Cleanse (food content) on Feb 27th, since she's a pro at it, and she's even taking me shopping to the stores she knows, to pick up the food I need in my fridge & cupboards to replace the bad stuff, i.e., processed foods etc. If you're interested in her services, she is a Registered Holistic Nutrionist, contact me for her information. She ROCKS.

Robert is out with Maxine having pancakes & bacon in a restaurant, wish I was there!

My Goals:
  • Buy & cook healthy food
  • Continue to exercise 3 to 4 times a week
  • Eat when I'm hungry (listen to my body)
  • Stop eating when I'm full
Day 1 off-cleanse menu plan: (note: 1st day off the cleanse should be orange juice only all day)
Breakfast: diluted orange juice (drink very slowly)
Snack: if very hungry: orange, peppermint tea
Lunch: orange
Snack: broth from vegetable soup
Dinner: Vegetable soup with a rye wafer (small portion)

Day 2 off-cleanse menu: same as Day 1

Day 3 off-cleanse menu:
Breakfast: diluted orange juice (drink very slowly)
Snack: if very hungry: orange, peppermint tea
Lunch: vegetable soup
Snack: orange
Meeting Kayla for dinner :o)
Dinner: Vegetable salad and some wine! (was hoping to have shrimp with the salad, but the book calls for no meat, fish, eggs, bread, pastries, coffee, or milk)

Day 4 off-cleanse menu:
Back to normal diet - but I plan on keeping away from dairy (mucous forming) & meat (difficult to digest) for awhile.

Vegetable Soup recipe:

spring water, onion, celery, carrots, potatoes, peas, chickpeas, cayenne (do not overcook vegetables)

Through this cleanse, I feel like I have exorcised all of the bad shit from 2009, Goodbye! And Hello to 2010, a clean, healthy, happy, and prosperous year! Wishing you the same, with love.

Check in for my First Day After The MC!!


  1. Fabuleux!!! Congratz, Sylvie! I totally knew you could pull it off!

    When I tried it a few years ago, I had no idea how important the prep period before starting any cleanse was. I didn't stop with solid foods or alcohol or any of the good stuff in advance. I just started the MC cold turkey -- which was brutal, so I gave up before Day 3!

    You've totally inspired me to start a veggie juice cleanse this month. No solids at all. Starting with 3 days and going to see how long I can last.

    The Blue Print Cleanse is super popular in NYC right now and many of my friends there have been successful with it, so I'm going to give it a whirl with my own take and pick up my freshly made juices on a daily basis from Fresh [they have a juice bar similar to the one at the Carrot].

    I'll be starting it off with their "Detoxifier" veggie juice and taking it from there [avoiding the fruit ones on account of the high sugar content]. I love Fresh!

    Again, I've learned a lot from your blog and may even try the hardcore salt/water formula -- yikes! I've started prepping for it already. Thanx again for documenting and inspiring, cherie! You ROCK!



  2. Way to go Sylvie, I had no doubt you could do it. It was great to read your thoughts and feelings throughout the experience (as well as Robert's commentary to keep it real - in case you were hallucinating!). Best of luck in the next few days and perhaps the rest of your healthy future ! Looking forward to seeing the new you !

  3. Thank you Mariela for this wonderful message! It means so much to me.

    I love Fresh! Robert & I were just talking about it last night, and how we want to pick up their cookbook. We love their Buddha Bowl. Our neighbour & friend Sharyn made it for us and it was soooooo delicious.

    Good luck with The Blue Print Cleanse, I know you will rock it!! Keep me posted, 'k? xSx

  4. Aaaw thanks Phil! and thanks for making me LOL.

  5. Félicitations!!! Sorry I'm late in catching up, but like you said when we last talked...the blog will be there. Enjoying reading the catch-up and wishing you much good health in 2010!! See you soon (if I recognize