Saturday, February 13, 2010

The MC - Day 8

Day 8, REALLY??? Day 8? Thank the Lord.

I had a bad night's sleep due to Maxine's coughing, I'm also fighting a cold so I did some snoring last night unfortunately. Probably no workout today, I should take it easy since I worked out 4 times in the past 5 days I think, and I should focus on resting and getting better.

This morning, I decided to do a laxative tea instead of the salt water, which is an option in the book. I regretted it. Instead of being in the bathroom for one hour straight, I was in & out of the bathroom until 3pm! With the salt water, you just get it over with, you know? Way better, like taking off a band-aid! Whish! (without the pain). I also had more cramping with the tea. At least when I drink the tea before going to bed, the cramps don't wake me, or maybe I don't get cramps during the night? I had a total of 7 lemonades throughout the day. The first lemonade of the day was really delicious, love the warmth of the cayenne going down. The last few of the day are tough, I get a sore throat and I'm just basically sick of it to tell you the truth. Are you surprised??

(TMI coming up) I'm starting to see more 'stuff' coming out, coughed up some brownish mucous. Out Out damned mucous, toxins, et al!

Went to the Big Carrot to pick up more lemons. Lemons at the Big Carrot are the equivalent to hot cakes apparently, cuz they sure are selling like 'em! How do I know? Everytime I go, they are different kinds of lemons. And it's a HUGE bin! So this whole neighbourhood seem to be on this cleanse, or they're making LOTS of lemon drop martinis! (M-m-m Dirty Gin Martini.)

I lost another inch on my waist, so total of 2 inches!

I keep wondering whether this cleanse has made me more food obsessed. I seem to be thinking of food more it seems! Even when I'm not hungry. My brain is SO confused it's not funny. It's good to shake things up once in awhile, ha! So I will have to be super vigilant in the next month to eat slowly, chew my food very well, eat my meals on salad plates as opposed to dinner plates to watch portions, keep away from chips / processed foods / fast food, or else I'm going to gain all this weight back!! I will continue to workout, and hopefully I will be able to maintain my ideal weight.

I spent about 5 hours in my study, tidying up, clearing out, re-organizing. What a great feeling. That was a workout in itself! Overall, it was a productive day, but it was really tough. My patience is wearing thin, thinking of food too much, I'm restless! I think the last time I haven't gone out for this length of time is right after Maxine was born!! I need a good night out - wanna go to Velvet Underground Thursday Feb 18th?

Watched the Olympics Ceremony while watching for my sister Suzanne who's there!!! So exciting, and the ceremony was super trippy! Sipped my tea, then went to bedz-z-z-z...

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