Sunday, February 7, 2010

The MC - Internal Saltwater Bath Ingredients Photo

Welcome to my lab. This is how I start my day (after visiting the w/c of course). See that 10 litre jug of water? See the water level way at the bottom? I finished it by midday on Day 3, so I basically drank a 10L of spring water in 2.5 days. Who knew? (I didn't do the math before starting) So, I put 2 tsps of sea salt into 4 cups of spring water in the clear glass jug, (that's a lot to drink eh?), mix, and drink up in approx. 15 minutes or so. The Master Cleanse book you see here is not the original. The original is a very thin book and was written by Stanley Burroughs. This one is the "experience", it refers to the original, there is some general information, tips etc, and there are also some people's journals. I learned from their mistakes, thank you!

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