Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The MC - Day 6

Woke up at 5:50am - - Why?!?! Please tell me why?? I don't need to go to work, I don't need to be up until 8:00am, and I'm waking at this time? Seriously. Murphy's gotta get outta my house.

I had a small b.m., prepared my salt water & partial lemonade. Brought Maxine to school, and drank the salt water....lemonade...same old. Nothing much different, lots of flushing as usual.

I did a 45-minute strength & ab workout again this morning, got more organized at home, went for an hour walk. Drank 6 lemonades throughout the day before dinnertime. This morning, I thought of drinking 8 today to ensure I feel good tomorrow. (It's now 9pm and I've had 7, I will have another in about 30 minutes.)

At dinnertime, I hide in our 3rd floor bedroom away from the beautiful smells of the food I made for Robert & Maxine that are being warmed up. (I froze 10 days worth of meals to make it easier on Robert) After dinner, Robert brings me a tea. (Thank you Baby). Robert has been amazing, as usual. He's so understanding and supportive. I've been cranky with him about 4 times I think (is that about right Robert?) - that's not bad for someone who gets super cranky, nauseous and faint when she gets hungry. I have no idea how I ever thought I could do this cleanse, and even more so, no idea how I'm surviving this cleanse, none. I'm so proud of myself, I feel I can do anything!

Back to gross stuff, I don't remember when my tongue started getting white, I think Day 2 or 3. At least it's not as thick/velvety as some people have experienced. I hope it gets pink by Day 10 because I am absolutely, positively NOT extending this cleanse by even a day. No thank you! I mean the after-cleanse days are going to be brutal enough. I'm supposed to just drink freshly squeezed orange juice for my 1st day off the cleanse. Uhm,yeah, that's not gonna to happen. Orange juice is way too acidic for me. I know what you're thinking, and lemon juice isn't??? It doesn't make sense but with the maple syrup and cayenne, it works somehow. Lemon is alkaline is all I keep hearing which is very good & essential for good health. Anyway, so I'm planning on drinking orange juice for breakfast, making a vegetable soup at lunchtime and drinking the broth only, then for dinner I will eat a bowl of this soup and some of the vegetables. I can taste it already! 2nd day off the cleanse will be the same, and the 3rd day same for breakfast and veggie soup for lunch, and I will have a salad with shrimp for dinner. (Dinner out with Kayla, yay!)

I'm getting ahead of myself...I'm drinking my lax tea right now, and (mentally) preparing for tomorrow. It will be the best day yet, and after the griping I did earlier about getting up too early, I'll use it to my advantage and I'm planning on doing the salt water before I bring Maxine to school. (by the time I get back home from school, drink everything, eliminate it's 10:30am!) So this way, I will have an entire day to do stuff like: another great workout, long walk, organize, organize, organize! Wish I could go to the movies, but there is no way I could survive the smell of m-m-m-m-m-popcorn. So I'll keep away until next week. I'm psyched for Day 7!
(It's not 5:22pm, it's 10:20pm, I will add this to my To Do list, fix time on my Blog!)

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